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Cultural Media

Five Core Cultures


Our Business Concept: 

To Be Professional,To Be Perfect

Our Version:

Leading Eternal

Our Mission:

Let Owners Feel More At Ease

Our Values:

Be Conscientious Be fast Keep Words No Excuse

Our Purpose: 

To Be Best In Domestic, To Be First-class In Global Ship-repair

Ten Tenets


1,Owners interest comes first.

6,Three key elements of work: plan, goal and time.

2,Team is supreme.

7,Do not give away your responsibility.

3,Regulation is the authority, is a spirit.

8,Communication eliminates barriers.

4,Initiative is efficiency.

9,No explanation, result speaks.

5,Prepare in advance.

10,Be passionate in work but modest in attitude.


Xinya Shipyard

Three Implementations and Two Promotions

1. Implementation of checking employees’ laziness and prevarication

2. Implementation of being responsible for signing after verification of outsourcing project settlement sheet

3. Strengthen the implementation of interaction between single ship manager and department work area

4. Promote the site clearance after completion of various types of work on board

5. Promote timely paint after piecemeal welding repair and grinding

Xinya Shipyard

Xibaipo declaration

Do not forget the original intention, keep in mind the mission, and continue to move forward;

Be loyal to Xinya, serve Xinya and love Xinya

Xinya Shipyard

Five Highlights

1. Highlight integrity management

2. Highlight green ship repair

3. Highlight optimal management

4. Highlight quality assurance

5. Highlight technological innovation

Xinya Shipyard

Three Maintenances and Two Strivings

Maintain the spirit of “breaking through”, the strength of “innovation” and the style of “working”, strive to write more stories about Xinya and create newer and bigger miracles that makes the industry look up to with new eyes

Five more


More dedicated

More professional

More executive

More honest

More loyal

Cohesion "Five Abilities"


Ship owner attracting energy

Digital intelligence empowerment

Quality builds


Service empowerment

Cultural energy


Match World-Class


Outstanding Brand

Excellent Products

Leading Innovation

Modern Governance

Si Gan Zheng Xian


Be courageous enough to compete with the strongest, ambitious enough to surpass the best, strive for the first-class, and never stop advancing.



Xinya Shipyard
Xinya Shipyard
Xinya Shipyard
Xinya Shipyard
Xinya Shipyard
Xinya Shipyard


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