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【NAME】:MSC RANIA 【TEU】:94489 【Port of registry】:Italy 【Description】:TYPE:CONTAINER,  NAME:MSC RANIA Ship registration: total length: 332.00 M, moulded width: 43.20 M, moulded depth: 24.50 M.
【NAME】:APL SEATTLE 【TEU】:35573 【Port of registry】:Germany 【Description】:TYPE: CONTAINER , NAME: APL SEATTLE, Ship registration: total length: 222.00M, moulded width: 32.00M, moulded depth: 19.00M, nature of repair: average. Main repair works: excavation and repair of the steel structure of the marine damaged part of the bow deck and bulwark, head storehouse; excavation and repair of the steel structure of the marine damaged part of the dry compartment and the fore peak tank; installation of the new anchor lip on the right; new external steel plate sanding paint; internal new steel plate sanding Paint etc.
【NAME】:EVER URANUS 【TEU】:69246 【Port of registry】:TAI WAN 【Description】:TYPE: CONTAINER , NAME: EVER URANUS Ship registration: total length: 285.00M, model width: 40.00M. Nature of repair: average. Major repair works: 12 damaged containers are removed, the damaged parts are cleaned, and the old is cut; the hull is drawn, measured, cut, fabricated, sanded and painted and installed; the overall paint of the outer panel; the production, installation and commissioning of the flyover part, the production of the hatch cover, and Installation and debugging; Denso wiring, wiring, etc.
【NAME】:GOLDEN GEORGIA 【TEU】:9597 【Port of registry】:JAPAN 【Description】:TYPE: CHEMICAL SHIP , NAME: GOLDEN GEORGIA Ship registration: total length: 149.00M type width: 22.00M type depth: 11.65M summer draft: 9.10M repair nature: emergency repair main repair work: the stainless steel cargo tank is replaced and strengthened; the double bottom of No. 2 tank is completely replaced and so on.
【NAME】:ZHONG CHANG 118 【TEU】:43473 【Port of registry】:CHINA 【Description】:Zhong Chang 118 is 185.84 meters long and 30.4 meters wide. The design draft is 10.95 meters, the structural draft is 11.323 meters, and the load capacity is 43473MT. Entered our factory for repair on August 20, 2008 (average)
【NAME】:PRINCESS T 【TEU】:9028 【Port of registry】:Greece 【Description】:"PRINCESS T" was converted into our factory in May 2008, and was originally scheduled to be delivered in March 2009. The original ro-ro ship will be converted into a ro-ro passenger ship. The ship has a total length of 150.87 meters and a width of 25 meters. The ship has a total load of 4028MT. It has a capacity of 944 people. After refitting, there will be one-stop services such as guest rooms, restaurants, bars, and salons.
【NAME】:COROSSOL 【TEU】:110352 【Port of registry】:Greece 【Description】:NAME: COROSSOL Shipping company name: SEAPACE SHIPPING INTL S.A. Ship registration: the total length of the ship is 311.92 meters, the width is 50 meters, the gross tonnage of the ship is 110,352 tons, the net tonnage is 64772 tons, and the deadweight tonnage is 207784 tons.
【NAME】:TIAN SHENG 5 【TEU】:57450 【Port of registry】:CHINA 【Description】:The original company of "TIAN SHENG 5" modified ship was INTERNATIONAL TANKER MANAGEMENT HOLDING LTD, now Ningbo Tiansheng Shipping Co., Ltd. The ship was originally called SPIRIT Ⅱ (Spirit 2), and it was modified in our factory from November 2007 to September 2008 , The tanker is converted into a bulk carrier. The total length of the ship is 235.52 meters and the width is 41.23 meters. The gross tonnage of the ship is 57450 tons, the net tonnage is 29654 tons, and the deadweight tonnage is 100,336 tons.
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